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Associate Professor Dr. Pradit Wanarat


Message from the President

      The National Institute of Development Administration, or NIDA, is “a leading institution of higher learning committed to developing leaders and knowledge.” It is established in B.E. 2509 and has been operating for almost 50 years for education of master’s degree and doctorate levels. All through the past period, the institute has created quality executives in various fields to serve the society, pursuant to the royal wish of His Majesty the King in the inception of the institute. The National Institute of Development Administration has set its goal towards being a World Class University and the main pillar in development of administrative science and the production of the country’s leading executives with readiness completely arranged in all dimensions: whether it is an excellent teaching where all faculties are certified according to the Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, and excellent-level assessments. In addition, the institute has received the highest score of operation evaluation by various organizations in Thailand. As for personnel, the institute comprises the country’s foremost staff of teachers and personnel. The institute is considered an educational institution having the highest proportions of doctorate-level instructors and academic-position holding instructors in Thailand.

      Moreover, the National Institute of Development Administration also has expertise in performing research and academic services in many fields, recognized domestically and internationally as providing accurate and precise results and playing an important part in development and settlement of policies of organizations in both public and private sectors. The institute has academic network at national and international levels in diverse regions all around the world. The information technology system and fashionable libraries as well as modern buildings and beautiful and shady environment, along with its lasting history, makes the National Institute of Development Administration one of the institutions that possess the broadest and strongest alumni network in the country. Another aspect that makes us proud is our role in social responsibility in instilling in our students, personnel and staff of teachers consciousness of virtue, ethics, commitment to righteousness and fairness for public interest, rather than their own interest, as well as the fact that the institute has always contributed to proposing solutions to problems when our society needs. The institute’s next goal is to become the world’s leading university or World Class University. Every member of the executive and me, therefore, commit to driving our institute by fostering leaders and knowledge for universal transition. NIDA will continue to be the main pillar in the development of the country’s administrative science and the creation of qualified executives to serve our society and country.