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Asst. Prof. Dr. Kanokkarn Kaewnuch

Assistant to the President for International Affairs


  • Ph.D in Tourism Management. Bournemouth University, UK, 2007-2010
    Thesis Title : Investigation of minority perceptions towards cross-cultural contact with external tourism actors
    Research Interests : My research interests lie in subjective views of cross-cultural contact andtourism, how they affect attitudes and behavioural responses to tourism development and their implications for tourism management.
  • M.Sc. - Tourism and Hospitality Management (Graduated with Distinction)Bournemouth University, UK, 2006-2007
  • B.A. – Travel Industry Management, with a speciality in Travel and Sustainable Tourism Development. Mahidol University International College, Thailand, 2001-2005
  • MacArthur High School (Graduated with Honours), USA, 1997-2001

Current Position

April 2011- Present

  • Full-time lecturer for PhD and Master Course at NIDA, Thailand
  • PhD course: Human Capital Development Innovation for Tourism and Hospitality Industry  
  • PhD course: Creative Community Based Tourism
  • PhD English Foundation: Academic presentation and effective public speaking 
  • Master course: Integrated Tourism Development Policy in Global Dynamics 
  • Master course: CSR in Tourism Industry. 
  • Master English Foundation: Academic presentation and effective public speaking

April 2013 – Present

  • Part-time lecturer for Undergraduates students at Mahidol University International College, Thailand: Sustainable Tourism Studies

January – March 2012

  • Part-time lecturer for Undergraduates students at ABAC University, Thialand: Cross-Cultural Behavior in Tourism

17 – 21 January 2011

  • Provided training sessions on qualitative and quantitative research methods to postgraduate students of the Faculty of Tourism, Bournemouth University UK

November 2010

  • Guest lecturer: Topic, Social and cultural impacts of tourism, for Tourism Principle and Practice course, Post-graduate Programme, Bournemouth University

September-December 2010

  • Mentoring postgraduate students Provided study support to postgraduate students in the Tourism and Hospitality Department, Bournemouth University. Developed diverse interacting skills with students as well as employed appropriate approaches to students with different types of learning needs. Also, developed clarification skills and better understand the needs and perspectives of the students.

August 2010

  • Field supervisor Provided field supervision to Ms. Yi-Ling Tsai, a post-graduate student from Bournemouth University, for her dissertation on Western and Asian gay attitudes and behaviours towards the UK pride parade and festival event in Brighton, UK.


  • Quantitative researcher Conducted a three-month survey in Northern Thailand on perceptions and attitudes of the highlanders towards tourism development in the highland areas.


  • Qualitative researcher Collected and analysed qualitative data by holding several focus groups and semi-structured interviews with highlanders of different cultures.


  • Quantitative researcher Conducted a large scale survey in Thailand with both Asian and Western customers regarding their perceptions in terms of expectation and level of satisfaction towards service quality provided by five-star hotels in Bangkok