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Tuition Fee

International College of National Institute of Development Administration (ICO NIDA)

ICO aims to create leaders according to international requirements. Both Thai and western professors create a true international environment. ICO also has academic collaboration with several institutes abroad. We provide interdisciplinary curriculum to offer the opportunity to students for integrating various kinds of knowledge. ICO proposes curriculum in both English language and Chinese by visiting foreign professor from outstanding institutions and organizations around the world. ICO is driven to be a True International College.

Graduate School of Tourism Management (GSTM)

GSTM aims to produce effective tourism planners and emphasizes integrated learning that supports holistic thinking. GSTM is the key source of knowledge for the tourism sector of Thailand and ASEAN. All faculty members of GSTM hold doctoral degrees.

Graduate School of Communication Arts and Management Innovation (GSCM)

GSCM is the first graduate school in Thailand that applies innovation and creative thinking to communication arts. The school helps to enlarge the knowledge base in their area of communication and produces new generation of leaders who can guide Thailand into the age of information.

Graduate School of Law (GSL)

GSL aims to build social engineers who understand the principles of law and social institution. Such knowledge and understanding are important for leaders in this era of globalization. The school aims to apply wisdom to ingrain in their students the concept of using legal justification to create the knowledge for development.

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